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Which is better for creating your blog, WordPress or Blogger?

Which is better for creating your blog, WordPress or Blogger?

What Is  Wordpress ?                                                                                    

 Wordpress is the most popular free content management system and uses some of the following programming languages: PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and Javascript as well as being open source and multilingual. This system was created by Wordpress Foundation on May 27, 2013 . 

 WordPress is a multi - purpose content management system that can be used as a blog or structure for content management, forum or sites to offer services online or shop online or online applications, and is one of the popular platforms and natural to use more than 60 million websites online.

What is Blogger?                                                                                            

  The Blogger is a content management system created by Google in Python. It was
 launched free of charge on 23 August 1999. It is a multi-lingual system that not only
provides tools such as content creation, modification or deletion, but also provides free
hosting in addition to domain name Sub-domain (
 It is known that this system is used especially by bloggers specialized in specific areas because it is easy to use, and does not have many characteristics make you lost among them.

           Comparison between WordPress and Blogger:                                                      

  • There are two versions of Wordpress, a self-contained version that can be downloaded and installed on your own hosting using the MySQL and FTP database or by automatic inhibition by a scripting script (Softaculous) and another version hosted by WordPress for blogging so you can use it directly with the possibility Get your own free subdomain like This version is similar to Blogger and has almost the same features. 
  • WordPress has many templates even with the hosted version, while Blogger has only a few templates, but you can search for blog templates online and install them on your blog . 
  • WordPress has thousands of useful plugins that improve your site's services like Blogger, which has few widgets.
  • WordPress and Blogger are highly compatible with phone browsers to provide responsive designs .
  • You can manage more than one blog by wordpress on the same hosting. For Blogger you only need to create one account to manage multiple blogs. 
  • Integrated blogger with some Google services such as adsense ads and statistics (Google Analytics), reverse WordPress which needs some plugins to run these services. 
  • Blogger is limited in 100 blogs per account, while you can create unlimited number of blogs by WordPress. 
  • On Blogger, you can use 15 GB of photos, which is the space provided by Google for each account. For Wordpress, it depends on the hosting space you purchased, but for the version of WordPress you have 3 GB of free space. 
  • You can publish an unlimited number of articles and blogs in both systems. 
  • The size of pages in Blogger is limited to 1 MB, but there are no restrictions in WordPress. 
  • There are no restrictions on the number of pages in both systems. 
  • For the self-hosted version of WordPress you are the owner of the site, but for Blogger and the hosted version of WordPress the developer responsible for the content management system is the owner of the site. 
  • Blogger is available on a limited number of tools and its functions are limited. WordPress, along with its self-hosting version, has an almost unlimited number of tools that can increase their number and functionality through custom templates and extensions. 
  • Blogger does not support many content management systems while WordPress provides import and export functionality to move your site to other content management systems. 
  • Blogger has great protection, thanks to Google, so it attacks spam and spam attacks, while Wordpress protects 95% of you as a site administrator because you have all the privileges to access all system files. ) And if your experience is weak your site may be compromised. 
  • The blogger is available on a small forum and a few usage guidelines, compared to Wordpress, which has thousands of tutorials, tutorials, add-ons and support forums in different languages.  
  • Blogger offers you free storage to host your blog, but for WordPress you'll need to buy your own hosting to install your blog. 
  • In Blogger you can edit templates as you like but you can not access the system files, while in Wordpress you can access files via FTP and also through the cPanel control panel so you have full control over the design.
  • You need an account on Google to access your site dashboard in Blogger, while in WordPress you can use any email. 
  • There are many options available for commenting through WordPress Reverse Blogger. 
  • Wordpress requires periodic maintenance from the system and then the templates and add-ons that you will need to challenge on your site when developers submit a new update to them, but you will not need such fixes when you use Blogger or WordPress hosted. 
  • Blogger does not need to be installed, just create an account and with a few clicks you will finish creating a new blog on Blogger, but for Wordpress you will need to download and install and the process here will take longer and some experience to be done well. 
  • Blogger and WordPress Optimizers for Search Engines (SEO) by default, but WordPress can be improved more by some plugins and features, and this is difficult for Blogger. 
  • In Blogger, you do not need to backup your blog because Google takes this task, and for WordPress you will need manual or automatic backups. 
  • By default, blogger pages are quickly archived in search engines, unlike Wordpress, but you can do this with some additions and modifications. 
  • In Blogger you can not control the link structure as you like, but you can do it in Wordpress. 
  • You can see some ads if you use the hosted WordPress, while Blogger does not rely on this type of material support.

              In My Opinion:                                                                                               

                                                                                              In the end, it is not fair to compare WordPress's self-hosted blogger because they differ fundamentally and in hosting, but can be compared to WordPress hosted and blogger.

 However, in both cases, WordPress contains many free features and designs, unlike Blogger, but they are very good for search engines. In addition, the user is not the owner of the site and does not have access to the system files in both platforms, A free subdomain, but the space provided by Blogger is larger than that provided by WordPress. 

If you want to know if WordPress is better, the answer is: If you are a newbie and want to create a free blog and you can not pay for hosting you can resort to a blogger, but if you are a professional and wanted to invest in your blog or site, Self-Hosting.

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