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Saving money is important - don't get me wrong in this. But at some point, there is a limit to how much you can save. You can't live on $0 per month. Heck, most people can't live on less than $1,000 per month. 
So, why do so many people simply ignore the other half of the equation - INCOME. Growing your income is the best way to build wealth because there is NO LIMIT to how much you can earn. So, keep a frugal mindset, but grow your income, and see your wealth grow immensely. 

Passive Ways To Earn Extra Money

All of the above ways to make extra money are active - they require you to do some work to earn the income. While there is nothing that is truly passive (i.e. never requires any work), there are things that you can do that will earn income for you for a long time to come.
My three favorite ways to earn a passive income are:
  • Investing: Investing is the best way to take the money you earned and put it to work for you. Not only will your money grow, but you have the potential to earn with dividends and growth. If you want to start investing, check out Fidelity  or TD Ameritade.
  • Peer To Peer Lending: Instead of taking on loans yourself and paying interest, what if you were the lender and earned interest? That's what peer to peer lending is all about. You can loan money out to others, and get paid interest as a result. Check out Lending club and get started today.
  • Real Estate: The number one income stream of millionaires is real estate - so why don't you get started investing in property? Gone are the days where it required a ton of money to get started. With services likeRealy Shares andFundrise , you can start investing in real estate for as little as $500

  • Note:This Articles Is Inspiring By thecollegeinvestor.

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